When you think about it, the Pauème brand started the day I took my phone to take photos of my looks every morning in front of the mirror, but I didn't yet know how far this gesture would take me.

At the time I wasn't the Pauline Torres that people follow today. I was a young woman passionate about style, subscribed to fashion Instagram accounts.

And that's still my favorite thing today, sharing my look ideas with my community. I never would have believed that these mirror photos would one day give life to a fashion brand, mine, ours.

It was several co-creations with already existing brands that gave me the courage and desire to create Pauème. And even though I needed a lot of support and entourage to get started, I am happy today to find you on this site to present to you the fruit of teamwork of which I am very proud.

After more than a year of work, with a team in whom I have complete confidence, we have imagined an entire universe of colors, fabrics, and cuts that suit me: Pauème .

This name reflects for me the whole range of emotions that a woman can experience:
rock poems,
love poems,
sad poems.
Each Paumeme has its own style!

We find there what Pauline likes but also a beautiful love story that of Pauline & Clem. This name was obvious to me.
The story of PAUEME with Pauline and Clement
Our goal is to offer a brand that women can wear every day, a simple but trendy style, exactly what I would have needed when I first started in front of my mirror.
Here you will find current trends but always with my touch, shapes that suit all body types and correspond to every moment of life.

Pauème is the project of my life, it’s a new beginning. I hope you will bring it to life with me because without you, the young woman in front of her mirror would not be speaking to you today.